[sebhc] Re: Unix for H-8/H-89 ?

Dan Lanciani ddl-cctech at danlan.com
Fri Jan 6 13:56:13 CST 2006

|At ZDS I had worked on putting Unix v6 on the Z100 (but never finished).  
|What got me excited about doing it was the protected mode of the 286 chip, 
|and it's support for virtual memory (and a larger memory capacity overall).  

I wrote a fairly comprehensive unix kernel clone for the Z100 (most of the
4BSD API less the networking).  Later I ported it to the IBM PC and later
still to the protected mode of the 286 on the AT.  I even wrote a DOS
emulator that was good enough to run the Microsoft C compiler so I could host
a compile of the operating system under itself.  (Unfortunately, the emulator
didn't support the 286 version of the OS. :().  It was called OS/88 and might
still be floating around, or I could dig up a copy...

				Dan Lanciani
				ddl at danlan.*com
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