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My recollection is that all of the 4 basic Microsoft languages (Basic,
Fortran, Cobol and the Basic Compiler) existed for both HDOS and CP/M and
were all available on all 3 types of media (5" hard, 5" soft and 8") (and it
should go without saying that the code is the same on all media types).

The documentation for the HDOS versions is substantially identical to that
for the CP/M versions, there was very little change in the user interface
due to the change of OS.

However, I'd be far more cautious about posting these than I would be with
most other software from that era.  It goes without saying that Microsoft
still very much exists and might object to the software being posted.

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I recently purchased something on EBAY that I didn't know existed for 
the H8. It was Microsoft Basic-80 interpreter and compiler for HDOS.
Also (unadvertised) was a Microsoft COBOL-80 for the H8. All were for 
the H17 - hard sectored. I tried the COBOL. It runs under CP/M.
I don't know if it is legal for us to store them in the archive, but if 
it is, I'll make H8D images of the diskettes and upload them.
I got all the original manuals for the Basic 80, but I have no 
documentation for the COBOL 80.
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