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I'd have to disagree about being wary of posting the images, even though
they're originally from Microsoft.  While certainly it would be a sore point
and a no-no if it were something even remotely modern, there is countless
classic Microsoft software on the Web freely available for a variety of
platforms.  While that doesn't make it right, the point is is that I'm not
aware of a single case where Microsoft has taken any action against these
sites or individuals.  If Microsoft and images for "mainstream" systems of
the past from the likes of Commodore, TI and Atari didn't raise an eyebrow,
why would something like that in HDOS format, since that's about as niche as
one could get?  Again, it doesn't make it right, but sometimes we have to
make hard decisions when it comes to archiving truly "obsolete" software
that will never have value again to the original copyright holder.

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> However, I'd be far more cautious about posting these than I 
> would be with
> most other software from that era.  It goes without saying 
> that Microsoft
> still very much exists and might object to the software being posted.

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