large schematics - was RE: [sebhc] H-89 bus pin out Help

Jack Rubin jack.rubin at
Tue Mar 14 11:34:00 CST 2006

There is a practical issue here that we've never been able to deal with very well - how do you scan the large schematics and pictorial booklets? People have tried overlapping scans and photographs but nothing has worked well. Anybody have access to a large enough scanner to accomodate these items?

Steven Parker <sp11 at> wrote:
  Bill Malcolm wrote:
>Hi: All I did not see the H-89 BUS Pin out in the archive files ( for the 
>slot card).

The schematic for the floppy controller only identifies the pins that it 
uses, but it might be enough.

It doesn't look like we have the schematic pull-outs for the H88/89 manuals 
in there yet. I'll keep an eye out for some during my cleanup.

-- Steven

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