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There is a solution but it's not a good one.  There are large document
scanners that can take extremely large sheets (more than 4 feet wide in some
cases, and of unlimited length).  I was able to get the Z-100 schematics and
some of the Z-217 drawings scanned that way and I have them and have made
them available in that format .... JPEGs of the full-size sheets in a single
scan at high resolution (300 or 600 dpi)(yes, the file sizes are large).
You can find some of these on the Harte site.  It's the right way to do it,
but you need access to a large document scanner, and very few of us have
this (I don't, it was done for me by an associate at a university, but this
resource is no longer available to me).  Kinko's here has such a scanner,
but they charge $30 per page to use it (seems outrageous since there is no
out-of-pocket "cost" to them.  They have the price set so high that I won't
do it, which reduces their revenue).


Barry Watzman

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There is a practical issue here that we've never been able to deal with very
well - how do you scan the large schematics and pictorial booklets? People
have tried overlapping scans and photographs but nothing has worked well.
Anybody have access to a large enough scanner to accomodate these items?



Steven Parker <sp11 at> wrote:

Bill Malcolm wrote:
>Hi: All I did not see the H-89 BUS Pin out in the archive files ( for the 
>slot card).

The schematic for the floppy controller only identifies the pins that it 
uses, but it might be enough.

It doesn't look like we have the schematic pull-outs for the H88/89 manuals 
in there yet. I'll keep an eye out for some during my cleanup.

-- Steven

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