[sebhc] Re: H-89 bus pin out Help

Mark Garlanger garlanger at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 12:40:42 CST 2006

For SCSI,  Lee Hart has stated before that the H-67 card and drives
were a precursor to SCSI, and it should be straight forward to get one
of those to work with a SCSI drive. I have one of the H-67 controllers
but have not yet tried to get it to work with SCSI. You may ask Lee to
see if he has additional H-67 controllers that he would be willing to


On 3/14/06, bill malcolm <wm65805 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi: All I did not see the H-89 BUS Pin out in the archive files  ( for the
> slot card).
> I am looking to build an adapter  that connects to the h-17 floppy
> controller so it could do the following
> 1. IDE
> 2. SCSI , SASI ,  Qic-02 tape
> Thanks for any help in this matter
> bill ..

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