[sebhc] Re: H-89 bus pin out Help

Lee Hart leeahart at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 16 15:26:44 CST 2006

Mark Garlanger wrote:
> For SCSI,  Lee Hart has stated before that the H-67 card and drives
> were a precursor to SCSI, and it should be straight forward to get one
> of those to work with a SCSI drive. I have one of the H-67 controllers
> but have not yet tried to get it to work with SCSI. You may ask Lee to
> see if he has additional H-67 controllers that he would be willing to
> sell.

Yes, I have a couple H89-67 cards and manuals. They do implement the
original SCSI bus (called SASI back then), but Heath used a 40-pin
connector instead of the standard 50-pin. They just split the ribbon
cable, removed 10 consecutive wires that were unused, and shifted the
rest in 10 positions.
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