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Dave Dunfield dave06a at dunfield.com
Tue Mar 21 18:40:17 CST 2006

> Dave Wallace,
> I have successfully converted the H8d format to David Shaw's H17  
> format using a Chipmunk Basic (free/donation) for Macintosh. I  
> guessed the 400KB images might just be the data in consecutive  
> sectors without headers. It appears that is right since when I added  
> the 16 byte header from an H17 image and replaced the volume number  
> in the header the images converted successfully. At least for HDOS  
> images, that is.  

Yes, I ment to respond to the first query and got sidetracked. The H8D
images I implemented for my simulator contain only the sector data,
in logically ascending sector/track order. There is no header or other
"overhead" data in the file. The emulation of the H17 in my virtual H8
adds/strips the header information so that the headers appear to be
present in the simulation.

I did it this way having just done the NorthStar hard-sectored simulation
which does not have any header information - it seemed to make sense
at the time, however in retrospect, I should have included the header
data in the file - my scheme does not permit any other header data to
be used except the format HDOS uses - I don't know if this is standard
across all types of disks that can be used in the system...


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