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Stanley Webb spamspike at comcast.net
Tue Mar 21 18:03:06 CST 2006

Dave Wallace,
I have successfully converted the H8d format to David Shaw's H17  
format using a Chipmunk Basic (free/donation) for Macintosh. I  
guessed the 400KB images might just be the data in consecutive  
sectors without headers. It appears that is right since when I added  
the 16 byte header from an H17 image and replaced the volume number  
in the header the images converted successfully. At least for HDOS  
images, that is.   My simple but effective code follows.  By the way  
thanks for keeping Dave's site online.

Dim rawdisk(102400)
dim header(16)
Print "This Chipmunk Basic program converts a raw 400K H17 disk image  
Print "H8 Emulator's H17 format by adding header bytes to image."
Print "Is that what you want? y or n"
get answer$
if answer$ <> "y" then quit
print "Press Key to Open Source File..."
get answer$
open "SFGetFile" for data input as #1
print "Press key to open Output file
get answer$
open "SFPutFile" for data output as #2
for i= 1 to 102400
byte = fgetbyte( 1 )
rawdisk(i) = byte
next i
for i= 0 to 15
read header(i)
next i
data &hff,&hc0,0,0,1,40,10
data 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0
header(3) = rawdisk(9*256+0) :'volume serial number
for i = 0 to 15
fputbyte header(i), # 2
next i
for i = 1 to 102400
fputbyte rawdisk(i), # 2
next i
close #1
close #2

On Mar 21, 2006, at 9:17 AM, davidwallace2000 at comcast.net wrote:

> Steve, is there a spec on the H8d format?  If so, I could build a  
> tool (C++ for Windows) that converts the disk image format used by  
> my and Dave Shaw's emulators to/from this format.  I could then  
> supply that tool and a whole bunch of disk images that I've been  
> generating from my collection of H8 diskettes.

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