[sebhc] HDOS 1.3

Dan Lanciani ddl-cctech at danlan.com
Sun Mar 26 14:54:32 CST 2006

|Dan asked
|>What about the HDOS 1.3 he mentioned?  I'd never heard of that version
|It was already in the archive.  The disk label calls it "version 1.0" but 
|the issue # is "50.03.00".

Interesting.  Is that the version 1.0 that I uploaded?  If so, it says
1.0 on more than the label; it is all through the code and messages.

|There are other HDOS versions, both older and newer, that we still don't 

Were these older versions real releases or betas?  I thought I had an H17
pretty much from when it became publicly available and collected all the
real releases (plus 3.0 which I don't consider all that real :).

				Dan Lanciani
				ddl at danlan.*com
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