[sebhc] David's disks (was: HDOS 1.3)

Steve Shumaker shumaker at att.net
Sun Mar 26 16:32:58 CST 2006

No...  sorry, looking at my post, it wasn't particularly clear.

In watching the list for while, I've seen comments like  "we don't have 
that yet" or "we're missing this", etc.    Have any of the more 
knowledgeable members considered posting a list of things to watch for, 
items that are missing from the archive, stuff that should be preserved but 
that no one has uploaded yet.  A wish list for the archives...

s shumaker

At 06:07 PM 3/26/2006 +0000, you wrote:
>>Is there a list posted somewhere of things to look for?
>You mean the things David just sent?  He posted a list on Thursday.  The 
>unique items that have been uploaded so far are:
>(under HUG)
>(under HDOS)
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Delivered by the SEBHC Mailing List

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