[sebhc] David's disks (was: HDOS 1.3)

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Sun Mar 26 18:38:49 CST 2006

By all means publish a wishlist!  If nothing else, it's an indication of what was available for the H8.  Who knows?  I just might have that disk around here somewhere...  :)

The remaining disks I indicated I had in my previous post were not uploaded because I'm not sure of the copyright status for cp/m, microsoft languages and Software Toolworks products.

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> No... sorry, looking at my post, it wasn't particularly clear. 
> In watching the list for while, I've seen comments like "we don't have 
> that yet" or "we're missing this", etc. Have any of the more 
> knowledgeable members considered posting a list of things to watch for, 
> items that are missing from the archive, stuff that should be preserved but 
> that no one has uploaded yet. A wish list for the archives... 
> s shumaker 
> At 06:07 PM 3/26/2006 +0000, you wrote: 
> >>Is there a list posted somewhere of things to look for? 
> > 
> >You mean the things David just sent? He posted a list on Thursday. The 
> >unique items that have been uploaded so far are: 
> > 
> >(under HUG) 
> >885-1022_Editor.h8d 
> >885-1024_Disk_I_Misc.h8d 
> >885-1025_Runoff.h8d 
> >885-1030_Disk_III_Games.h8d 
> >885-1031A_Disk_IV_Music.h8d 
> >885-1031B_Disk_IV_Music.h8d 
> >885-1134A_HDOS_Small_C.h8d 
> >885-1134B_HDOS_Small_C.h8d 
> >885-1134C_HDOS_Small_C.h8d 
> >885-1134D_HDOS_Small_C.h8d 
> > 
> >(under HDOS) 
> >HDOS_1-0_Issue_#50-00-00_890-1.h8d 
> > 
> > 
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