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Tue Mar 28 06:21:47 CST 2006

While my format won't support embedded JPEGs, I modestly remind the group that because I encode the binary data in octal (or hex) notation, semicolon-initiated comment lines can be inserted anywhere.

Converting my images to h8d format means that there really is something that's "lost in the translation".  :)

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> Dave Dunfield wrote: 
> > I seem to have deleted it, but someone was just talking about keeping 
> > labels for H8D files... 
> As I was passively following this thread, I was thinking it was crazy 
> that the sum total descriptive information of the disk images is 
> contained in the filenames. 
> Metadata must be kept somehow, and making it part of the disk image 
> itself makes the most sense. In the virtual disk image formats I cooked 
> up for my Sol and Wang emulators, I have a fixed block to hold format 
> revision, disk format (# tracks, sides, density, etc), plus a fixed 
> amount of space for a label. I regret making the label fixed size, even 
> though it is much more than anybody has ever squeezed onto a real disk 
> label. 
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