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Aha!  So YOU'RE the reason I wasted so many hours transcribing sheet music into ascii!

(Somewhere around here I have about 18 hours of play-time worth of music transcribed for the HA8-2.  Mostly Bach.  I also wrote an interpreter that could read the files and output MIDI.)

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> >Ask and ye shall receive. (I hope NOGDS won't mind!) 
> They wouldn't dare. :-) The HA-8-2 was based on a breadboard I built up in 
> the New Orleans store they saw during a visit. But my demo program was 
> using it to draw vector graphics on an oscilloscope screen (X and Y position 
> instead of left and right audio). 
> There's an image of that original demo breadboard in the photo section of 
> the archive. There's also photos of the CPU and memory board from "H8 
> number one". I'm hoping to get around to making up a page of descriptive 
> text about that unit and the photos sometime... 
> -- Steven 
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