[sebhc] Diskette format for my / Dave Shaw's simulators

davidwallace2000 at comcast.net davidwallace2000 at comcast.net
Wed Mar 29 08:45:25 CST 2006

See http://davidwallace2000.home.comcast.net/h8/notes.htm#media_image_file

And yes, it's an ascii representation rather than binary.  And yes some of the metadata is also available by groveling thtough sector ten.  But it also is a format I found easy to transmit over a Telnet link from a program running on my H8 to my PC.  Which is why I can supply these disk images in the first place.  (It takes about 15 minutes to send the disk image -- at 9600 baud, the link can send about one sector per second, theoretically; actually it seems to take a lot longer -- between the machines.)
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