[sebhc] RE: H8D files and labels

Robin England robin.england at dial.pipex.com
Wed Mar 29 02:32:37 CST 2006

I'd also like to mention that using the long filenames for disk images can cause problems for some users. For example, using a utility such as Dwight's image transfer program under DOS means that each image has to be renamed to the 8.3 naming convention before use, as such losing the description along the way.

My suggestion would be that for archiving images we instead adopt filenames such as DISKxxxx.H8D and have an accompanying text file of the same name (of course .TXT extension) containing a full description of the disk. You could even have DISKxxxx.JPG if you have a picture of the disk label. There is then no doubt about what the accompanying disk image contains and the file can be used as-is for most applications. If we are likely to need to archive more than 10,000 disk images, the xxxx in the name could of course be alpha-numeric.

I used this approach when recently converting all my audio cassettes to .MP3 format. Now I have CASxxxxx.MP3, CASxxxxx.TXT and even CASxxxxx.JPG which means I can even see what the cassette in question looked like...

I may be missing something but I'm not too sure why (other than perhaps for already established emulators) it's necessary to stuff all the extra information about the image into the actual image file anyway...

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