[sebhc] H/Z-100 For Sale

Barry Watzman Watzman at neo.rr.com
Thu May 18 20:07:25 CDT 2006

Since he says "and the Zenith 12" monitor is also in its original box", it's
presumably a low-profile Z110 series model.




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Marc Williams wrote: 

If this is a duplicate posting, please accept my apologies.

I think I sent the last one from the wrong email account.


Greetings Folks,


I have a Heathkit H/Z-100 for sale if anyone is interested. It's configured
with dual floppy drives and a blazing 128K of RAM. (Hey, I went all out!)

I don't really know what it's worth, so I'm going to ask $50.00, plus you
pay the shipping (from Atlanta, GA).


It has not been turned on in several years, but was working flawlessly when
I packed it up. It's in the original Heathkit box and the Zenith 12" monitor
is also in its original box. The following software is included, all with


- Microsoft Z-Basic

- Condor FMS

- Microsoft Multiplan

- MTERM (modem software)

- Computer Chef

- Peachtree Software, PeachText 5000


Other documentation:

- Assembly and Installation Manuals

- Z-100 User Manual

- Z-100 Technical Manual (with Boot ROM Source Listings)

- "How to Use: Zenith/Heath Computers," by Hal Glatzer (S-A Design Books)
[probably a collector's item]

- Some other miscellaneous documents and a CPU reference guide


If anyone is interested, please let me know and I'll be glad to give you
other details if you like.


Best Regards,

Marc Williams


770-442-5070 home

404-372-7475 cell

marcwil at bellsouth.net 



Was this the model with the seperate monitor or the all-in-one model?

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