[sebhc] HUG Software list

Mark Garlanger garlanger at gmail.com
Fri May 19 01:01:58 CDT 2006

Does anyone have a complete list of the HUG software library? There is
a pdf in one of the HUG directories, but it looks like just a list of
what is currently on the site. A complete list would allow us to
figure out what disks are still missing.

In a batch of floppies that I received, there was 10 HUG disks that
are not in the library:
885-1032 - Disk V H8 Misc Software
885-1052 - Morsecode - H8 Disk
885-1075A - HDOS Support Package Misc Software
885-1075B - HDOS Support Package Misc Software
885-1228 - CP/M Fast Action Games
885-1229 - CP/M XMET Robot and ET-3400 Cross Assembler
885-1230 - Keymap
885-1237-37 - CP/M Utilities H/Z89 H/Z100
885-1249-37 - CP/M MAGBASE
885-8012 - MAPLE wp Modem Appls Effector (CP/M)

I don't currently have the cable and setup to create images of these
disks, but I'm planning to do that soon and will be able to upload the

It looks like I will be getting another batch of disks in mid-June,
hopefully it'll have more disks that are not in the library.


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