[sebhc] HDOS sysgen questions (and problems)

Barry Watzman Watzman at neo.rr.com
Thu Oct 12 11:54:41 CDT 2006

Does the HDOS USER manual for the early versions of HDOS exist as a PDF?  If
it does not, and if anyone has a loose-leaf (3-ring binder, 3-hole punch)
version of it, I'm willing to scan it to a PDF file and return the original.
Presumably HDSO 2 is the version that most people are using/would want.

[I know that that there is a PDF file for HDOS 3, I have that.]

Barry Watzman
Watzman at neo.rr.com

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I'm very new to my H89, and I need a little assistance.

I have a working H89 with high density floppy drives.

I only have one (worn) bootable diskette for the machine.  I have formatted 
a blank 5.25 floppy and I'm able
to mount it and move files to it, etc.  The 5.15 inch media I'm using is not

double-sided, but the formatting
software asked about this and the media formatted without errors.

When I attempt to SYSGEN, I get an error message.  It appears that the O/S 
is looking for a file called
ONESWAP.ABS.  This file does not appear on my bootable floppy when I perform

a DIR/S.

How can I make a backup bootable disk?

Can someone make high-density copies of the original HDOS software for me? 
I'm willing to pay
for the trouble and shipping, etc.

My HDOS disk has an old copy of Microsoft Basic for HDOS.  If this is not 
already available from the
archive, how can I post this for others?

Or, can someone sell me bootable CP/M on high density media???

About my H89:

The machine has 64K, someone piggy-backed a fourth set of 16K DRAM's on top 
of one bank, then
ran a rework wire across the top row for the needed strobe signal.

There are three expansion boards installed, the high density floppy 
controller, a 3 port serial board, and
what appears to be the hard-sectored floppy controller.

There are two connectors for external floppy drives on the back, but I've 
not yet traced out the cables to
see which connectors are for which controller.

Would it be possible to use something like the SVD with my hard-sectored 
controller to build high density
bootable HDOS disks?

Is there no on-line documentation for HDOS?

Can anyone here help me get this machine into a more usable state? 

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