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> On 10/12/06, Francisco Rabazas <huskycan at terra.es> wrote:

> > I look for an image of the system CP/M
> >
> > Can somebody help me?
> >
> >
> I have a copy of them on soft-sectored disks, but unfortunately after
> many attempts, I still don't have a working soft-sectored controller
> (Z-37) needed to make copies. Hopefully that will change 'shortly' - I
> should be receiving a H/Z89 with a working soft-sectored controller
> installed. It's taken almost a year, but it now sounds like that
> system is packed and ready for shipping - so hopefully... soon .. it
> will be arriving.
> Once I get it, I should be able to make a copy for you.
> Mark
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Hello to all Heath/Zenith users out there!

I'm a german homecomputer collector and i have a similar problem.
My Z90 has the DD Softsector controller with one 5.25" drive and
of course 64k of RAM.

Too bad, my set of the CP/M distribution disks is faulty
and the Z90 reports only "boot error".

I looked on the Bootdisk with "Anadisk" on a DOS machine and indeed
there are a couple of errors on the system-tracks.

So if there is somebody, who can take a discimage of a softsectored
5.25" disc it would be nice if this image is uploaded to the archive.

There are already some images, but they are all of hardsectored discs!

An old DOS machine (286/386/486) with an disc-controller capable of
reading single-density in conjunction with a 40 track 5.25" drive
is a really good tool for backing up old disks.
Oh! I forgot the software: Anadisk or ImageDisk are great pieces of
software if you would like to produce disk-images (softsectored).

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