[sebhc] Fw: Z89 emulator

Mark Garlanger garlanger at gmail.com
Thu Oct 19 00:33:28 CDT 2006

I'm not aware of one, and based on the lack of responses to your
original message, I'm guessing that there isn't. There are a couple of
H8 emulators. An H8 (w/ Z80) & H19 & H17 is basically the same as the
H89. I haven't messed with them in a while and I'm not sure if any of
the current emulators can do both Z80 and 8080 or just the original
8080 cpu. You should be able to find them in the archives.


On 9/17/06, tg <timgearin at comcast.net> wrote:
> Is there a Z89 emulator for the PC?
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