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Fri Sep 15 09:01:08 CDT 2006

>From: "Mark Garlanger" <garlanger at gmail.com>
>On 9/14/06, Dan Lanciani <ddl-cctech at danlan.com> wrote:
>>|I saw a
>>|picture of some other original Evryware disks that stated support for
>>|both HDOS and CP/M on the label. I'm not sure how they did that,
>>As I recall they had a file on one OS of space to hold the other's used
>>sectors.  It wasn't too hard.
>When I have some time, I plan to look though the disk image and figure
>out what they did.

I don't think it would be too hard. CP/M uses a fixed location for
directories and HDOS put a pointer in the track0. I would think
it would be relatively easy. Each system would see the other directory
information as used disk space.

>>|but I
>>|tried Odyssey under HDOS and had no problems. When I tried to use it
>>|under CP/M, I can see the directory, it correctly states that the
>>|executable is odyssey.COM (under HDOS it correctly shows it as a
>>|odyssey.ABS). So I'm assuming this IS one of Evryware's dual OS disks,
>>|but when I tried to run under CP/M, I get a "BAD LOAD" error message.
>>It's possible that my own transfer mechanism caused some problem, but
>>I doubt it.
>Since the HDOS version had no problems, your transfer was probably fine.
>>|Maybe there is some limitation on the disk transfer program that
>>|prevents this from working (or I used the transfer program incorrectly
>>|- I didn't specify volume number, do I need to in this case).
>>I haven't looked at that program, so I'm not sure.
>>|If you
>>|have the original, can you see if your disk works in both HDOS and
>>I have the original, but unfortunately my H8 isn't in working order at
>>the moment.  I imaged the disks on a different machine using an (IMHO)
>>clever hardware hack to get an MFM controller to read the raw bits.
>Wow, thanks for taking the extra effort to make the image, I had
>assumed you just used the H89trans program. I have a couple of things
>I plan to try tonight to see if I can get it working but at least I
>have a working version now.
>Has anyone else on the list created a disk from that image? Are you
>able to run the CP/M version of space odyssey?
>   Mark
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