[sebhc] Suggestions for restoration of poorly maintained equipment

Barry Watzman Watzman at neo.rr.com
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Lighter fluid (cigarette lighter fluid ... Ronson, Zippo, etc.) is a very
good cleaner, I use it extensively to clean up old laptops.  Windex is also
very good.  Rust is a hard problem to deal with, there is a product called
"Naval Jelly" that works to remove it in some cases on some alloys.  It's
toxic and corrosive, and you need to be able to rinse (immerse) the part in
water when done to remove it.

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Mark Garlanger wrote:
> I was the winning bidder of this not so well taken care of H89(pics in
> the link):

This one has lived a hard life, for sure! :)

> signs of rust and corrosion. Is it possible to clean it off with
> anything? Is there anything I need to be careful about with the
> floppy? Except for dirt and cobwebs, it appears to be in ok condition.

During the past 12 months I've been reviving a number of old (off-topic, 
I know) DEC PDP-11s and MicroVAXen.  Some were in good shape, some were 
in pretty dirty state.  To clean them up, I started by vacuuming (yes!) 
everything I could reach with my shop vac hose.  Then I disassembled 
each system down to the major components (boards, drives, etc.), 
vacuumed again, and then used Windex, first sprayed onto a rag (I don't 
spray directly onto the parts), to clean everything from there.  This 
has worked very well for me, and as long as everything is dry before you 
re-assemble and apply power, there is no problem.

Good luck!  ;)

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