[sebhc] Status of HUG's Remarks.

Barry Watzman Watzman at neo.rr.com
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The copyright issue probably can't be firmly put to rest, because it may be
impossible to determine with certainty who owns the copyright at this point.
It's almost certain to come down to "do it first and if necessary apologize
later, because asking first isn't physically possible ... we don't know, and
can't easily find out who to ask".


Barry Watzman




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Okay, I'll jump in, too.  I'm replying to the message that started this
thread, but I've read up through what was current at the time of my posting
so I know that the copyright issues are complex.  (I used to work for
Honeywell Bull.)


I have EVERY issue published of REMark and a scanner.  If the copyright
issue can be put to rest, I'm willing to scan the whole set for our library.


(I haven't catalogged it all, but I think I have most of the Sextant and
HSCOOP issues, too.)


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> Any know what is allowed with REMark magazines? I plan to scan the 
> issues I have and can upload them to the archives if that is not a 
> problem. 
> Mark 
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