[sebhc] Reviving an H89

Carroll Waddell carrollwaddell at sc.rr.com
Tue Mar 20 09:48:11 CDT 2007

Mike Shields wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> A brief introduction - I'm probably a little younger than most of the 
> group, but I started my career as a programmer (at 4 years old in 
> BASIC) on the H89 that my father assembled. I grew up reading REMark 
> and Sextant and helped to build and upgrade an H-150 along the way.
> Well, I recently took possession of the H89, did a quick interior 
> dusting and exterior cleaning, and attempted to power it on. But, 
> powering it on does nothing. No fan, no clicks, no smoke, nothing at 
> all. The fuse is fine. I did a quick visual inspection of the power 
> supply (without removing anything) but didn't see anything amiss, and 
> there's no scent of smoke. I was the last one to use the machine, but 
> I don't remember having any problems with it. (Although, that was 
> 15-20 years ago, memory isn't perfect)
> Just looking for suggestions as to common failure modes that would 
> result in stone-dead behavior. I have some spare H89 parts that I'd 
> like to upgrade it with, but I've got to get it firing up first - I've 
> got meters, scopes, and experience with them, so any suggestions at 
> all are welcome. I do have the schematics and manuals for it, so 
> pointers to those are fine too.
> Thanks, and long live Heath!
> Mike Shields

Check the power switch. I've seen several of that type of switch go bad.
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