[sebhc] Reviving an H89

Peter Shkabara peter59 at sbcglobal.net
Tue Mar 20 10:36:53 CDT 2007

Hi Mike,
As has already been suggested, check the power switch. Actually, any such
troubleshooting would involve checking for power starting from the power
cord. Also, a common failure mode on the H89 was the Molex connectors. You
may want to disconnect and clean each of them just for preventative
maintenance. Good luck.
peter59 at sbcglobal.net


A brief introduction - I'm probably a little younger than most of the group,
but I started my career as a programmer (at 4 years old in BASIC) on the H89
that my father assembled. I grew up reading REMark and Sextant and helped to
build and upgrade an H-150 along the way. 

Well, I recently took possession of the H89, did a quick interior dusting
and exterior cleaning, and attempted to power it on. But, powering it on
does nothing. No fan, no clicks, no smoke, nothing at all. The fuse is fine.
I did a quick visual inspection of the power supply (without removing
anything) but didn't see anything amiss, and there's no scent of smoke. I
was the last one to use the machine, but I don't remember having any
problems with it. (Although, that was 15-20 years ago, memory isn't perfect)

Mike Shields

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