[sebhc] ET-3400A schematic needed

Whipaway whipaway at yahoo.com
Sat May 12 16:07:37 CDT 2007

Hello to All on the list,
I need the schematic for the ET-3400A, which is different from the original ET-3400, which I already have.
I have an ET-3400 that does not have the MCM6830A ROM. I have a ET-3400A that uses the 8316 ROM and one that uses a 2716 EPROM, which are interchangable. I want to create an interface circuit that will allow me to use a 2716 EPROM in the ET-3400.
A schematic for the ET3400A will really be appreciated.
Thanks in advance
Paul Kowal 
whipaway at yahoo.com

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