[sebhc] Re: H8 Schematics

Bill Beech (NJ7P) nj7p at nj7p.org
Sat May 12 22:21:45 CDT 2007


Thanks!  I really want to get this thing working again. 


Carroll Waddell wrote:

> Bill Beech (NJ7P) wrote:
>> I am trying to repair an H8 computer.  I have downloaded the manuals, 
>> but there is only a schematic for the cassette interface.  I suspect 
>> the schematics were part of the larger foldouts for the boards.
>> Anyone got the schematic scanned in for the CPU, Memory and Disk 
>> controller cards?
>> Thanks!
>> Bill
>> Carroll Waddell wrote:
> Bill,
> If you don't find your schematics, I'll look next week and see what I 
> have.  I just finished repairing an H8 to put on EBAY, so I'm sure I 
> have those things lying around somewhere. I'll copy them for you next 
> week and mail them to you.
> Carroll
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