[sebhc] Schematics and board layouts

Carroll Waddell carrollwaddell at sc.rr.com
Sat May 19 20:33:48 CDT 2007

Bill Beech (NJ7P) wrote:

> Carrol,
> Great!  My address is:
> William Beech
> 6567 Y-Lightning Rd.
> Hereford, AZ  85615
> I bet the 32K board is a 64K with half the 4116's missing!  I will 
> copy the manual and put it up on the site.
> I have an H8-4 serial I/O card and a controller marked "Controller 
> Board" and number 85-2204-1.  It has a Intel 2316 ROM and what appears 
> to be an AMI S2350 ACIA - so I bet this is the hard-sectored 
> controller.  Also an 85-2521-1 board (about 2 inches long) which I 
> believe handled double-sided drives.
> I appreciate the offer of help.  I will be communicating my progress 
> once I get the schematics.
> Thanks again!
> Bill
> Carroll Waddell wrote:
>> Bill Beech (NJ7P) wrote:
>>> Does anyone have the foldouts for the CPU, RAM, Disk Controller(s) 
>>> and other boards used in the H8 that would be willing to mail them 
>>> to me to scan in and share with the group?  I will return them once 
>>> they are scanned.
>>> I am deadlocked trying to fix an H8 here without the schematic for 
>>> the CPU card.
>>> Also, does anyone have a manual on the "DG-64D 64K Memory Board" for 
>>> the H8.  This H8 has only that third-party dynamic RAM board.
>>> Thanks!
>>> Bill
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>> Bill
>> Send me your address and I'll let you borrow a schematic of the CPU 
>> board. I have some copies that I have reduced down to 11 x 17 of the 
>> CPU and H17 controller schematics.
>> I have a book on the DG 32K board if you think that would help.  If 
>> you need any help repairing your H8, let me know and I'll try to help.
>> carrollwaddell at sc.rr.com
>> Carroll
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I'll get the stuff I have in the mail on Monday. The small board is 
probably called an XCON 8 Boot board. It is usually turned with the 
components toward the back and plugged into the last bus connector. It 
was used to allow all 64K to be RAM. This was necessary to run CP/M. The 
board with the 2350 is the hard sectored disk controller.
Let me know if you need anything else.
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