[sebhc] Schematics and board layouts

Bill Beech (NJ7P) nj7p at nj7p.org
Sat May 19 21:05:34 CDT 2007


I certainly will.  I have an S-100 system and Kaypros that are 
operational, after some TLC.  I had to rewrite the code for the S-100 
boot rom to get it working reliably.  It had a bug that drove my wife 
nuts 20 years ago with a Z80 assembler class she was taking.  It had 
been 20 years since I did much 8085 assembler.  And I had to recompile 
my old command line assembler to do it.

This old stuff is fun and is far less complicated that a current 
generation PC. 


Carroll Waddell wrote:

> Bill Beech (NJ7P) wrote:
>> Carrol,
>> Great!  My address is:
>> William Beech
>> 6567 Y-Lightning Rd.
>> Hereford, AZ  85615
>> I bet the 32K board is a 64K with half the 4116's missing!  I will 
>> copy the manual and put it up on the site.
>> I have an H8-4 serial I/O card and a controller marked "Controller 
>> Board" and number 85-2204-1.  It has a Intel 2316 ROM and what 
>> appears to be an AMI S2350 ACIA - so I bet this is the hard-sectored 
>> controller.  Also an 85-2521-1 board (about 2 inches long) which I 
>> believe handled double-sided drives.
>> I appreciate the offer of help.  I will be communicating my progress 
>> once I get the schematics.
>> Thanks again!
>> Bill
>> Carroll Waddell wrote:
>>> Bill Beech (NJ7P) wrote:
>>>> Does anyone have the foldouts for the CPU, RAM, Disk Controller(s) 
>>>> and other boards used in the H8 that would be willing to mail them 
>>>> to me to scan in and share with the group?  I will return them once 
>>>> they are scanned.
>>>> I am deadlocked trying to fix an H8 here without the schematic for 
>>>> the CPU card.
>>>> Also, does anyone have a manual on the "DG-64D 64K Memory Board" 
>>>> for the H8.  This H8 has only that third-party dynamic RAM board.
>>>> Thanks!
>>>> Bill
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>>> Bill
>>> Send me your address and I'll let you borrow a schematic of the CPU 
>>> board. I have some copies that I have reduced down to 11 x 17 of the 
>>> CPU and H17 controller schematics.
>>> I have a book on the DG 32K board if you think that would help.  If 
>>> you need any help repairing your H8, let me know and I'll try to help.
>>> carrollwaddell at sc.rr.com
>>> Carroll
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> I'll get the stuff I have in the mail on Monday. The small board is 
> probably called an XCON 8 Boot board. It is usually turned with the 
> components toward the back and plugged into the last bus connector. It 
> was used to allow all 64K to be RAM. This was necessary to run CP/M. 
> The board with the 2350 is the hard sectored disk controller.
> Let me know if you need anything else.
> Carroll
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Delivered by the SEBHC Mailing List

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