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Gene Buckle geneb at deltasoft.com
Tue Mar 30 09:34:47 CST 2004

> One of my ongoing questions regarding sharing "old" docs is the
> copyright issue. "Heathkit Educational Systems" still exists in Benton
> Harbor, MI, and claims to continue 75+ years of "the Heathkit approach".
> They also sell copies of (some) manuals. At the same time, there are
> several longtime vendors who also sell copies of Heathkit (and many
> other) copyrighted manuals. Has the trademark been abandoned? Is the
> owner/operator of a website providing copies of this material in
> violation of copyright law and liable to prosecution? Have you had any
> relevant experiences (pro or con) with the retroarchive material?

Jack, the retroarchive.org site started out life as the single repository
on the Internet for commercial CP/M software.  I've always run the site on
the premise that if a copyright holder doesn't want their material to be
hosted on the site, they'll let me know.  This occured when Leor Zolman
asked me to pull the BDS C archives and replace them with a link to his
site now that he's released it to the public.  It hasn't happened since.

I also will not host material that is still being sold, nor will I host
material less than 10 years old.

The aim of the site is to preserve software & data for computers that are
becoming more and more rare & precious every day.  If a copyright holder
doesn't want their contribution to the golden age of computing preserved,
so be it.  I'll snatch it off the drive so fast it'll leave a dimple on
the listing page.


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