[sebhc] what's this emulator?

Dave Dunfield dave04a at dunfield.com
Sun May 23 21:06:38 CDT 2004

>I see Dave Dunfield is working on an emulator for PC computers. Is this a
>version of the emulator for the Macintosh or something completely
>original? What are the requirements for it? Does it need Windows? I have
>a Compaq Pressario 2200 which has a 180 MHz 486 (actually a MediaGX) and
>32 MB RAM. It works nicely with the Altair emulator, about five times as
>fast as a real Altair. Dave, if you're converting "Project 8080" you
>should know that there were some minor problems left in the CPU. I think
>a flag register bit called "auxiliary carry" was not always set right.
>Most software doesn't use that so it didn't make much difference. I have
>some books about the 8080 and Z80 processors which I used as a guide when
>making segments of code for the CPU. I'm not sure if I could find them
>quickly or not. I remember having some ideas to make the CPU run a little
>faster that didn't get into the emulator.

Is that my Altair emulator you are running? If so, the H8 emulator should
run equally well. It's not based on any other emulator, except that I did
borrow the 8080 engine from my Altair one, however it was originally my
own design - neither emulator is based on anyone else's code.

You can download a preliminary version of my H8 emulator
from: http://www.dunfield.com/pub/h8.zip
I believe Jack has also make it available in the sebhc archives.
The emulator will run on anything from DOS 3 up.


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