[sebhc] Re-creating actual floppies from archive

Joe Smith bandit1921 at cox.net
Tue Mar 14 08:07:22 CST 2006

1 more question,how does one read the distribution files inside the 
zips,I have found PIE on several places,but he manual has a bad crc. 
I also have it on a soft-sectored disk,but at the moment have nothing 
to read it on.
At 04:04 PM 3/13/2006 -0500, you wrote:
> > I took a look at Your site,I don't see Imagedisk located anywhere, or
> > did I maybe go to the wrong site?
> > I went to http://www.dunfield.com
>It's on my museum site - you can get there from dunfield.com by
>clicking on the "old computer guy" (my daughters artwork :-) near
>the bottom of the page. Once you get there, scroll down the main
>page until you are at the bottom, and you will see an inconspicous
>link called "Disks/Software images" a few lines up - in there you
>will find the latest release of ImageDisk.
>dave06a (at)    Dave Dunfield
>dunfield (dot)  Firmware development services & tools: www.dunfield.com
>com             Vintage computing equipment collector.
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