[sebhc] Power transistor 417-282 equivalent?

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Thanks Joe.

BTW thanks to you (and others) who suggested replacing the bridge rectifier to get rid of the hum bars I was experiencing (back in January). On my working Z89 this has indeed cured the problem. In the end I used a KBPC10-005 (50V / 10A) which I got from Maplin (code AR82) here in the UK. I have replaced the molex connectors rather than soldering them (I'd like to keep the computer as 'original' as possible!).

Thanks again

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  My old yellowed book says it is a MJ2841, should be able to cross ref with NTE or one of those.

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    Does anyone have an equivalent for the power transistor used as a 53v regulator on the H/Z89 video board? The transistor is a NPN device in a TO3 package and is marked 417-282. On the silkscreen of my video board (85-2453-1) it's shown as Q213 but is shown as Q204 in the schematic I have (as mentioned previously). Mine has gone s/c emitter-collector. :-(
    Thanks in advance
  Joe Smith
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