[sebhc] Power transistor 417-282 equivalent?

Lee Hart leeahart at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 14 14:54:05 CST 2006

Robin wrote:
> Thanks to you (and others) who suggested replacing the bridge
> rectifier to get rid of the hum bars I was experiencing (back in
> January). On my working Z89 this has indeed cured the problem...
> I have replaced the molex connectors rather than soldering them
> (I'd like to keep the computer as 'original' as possible!).

The originals from the factory came with the yellow wires soldered
directly to the bridge rectifier! The original models used the
connector; it burned up when too many I/O and internal disk drivers were
used; so Heath eliminated the connector and soldered the yellow wires in
later production models.
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